Thursday, February 14, 2008

New York Shopping Spree..

I did some shopping in New York on the second day. Normally I will buy things that I really need and things that could not be found in Malaysia. So here it is some of the items I have bought....

I bought a book on how to do business on eBay @ Borders, Music DVD @ Virgin, Belts @ Macy's and Perfume @ Banana Republic.

Leather Belt

Banana Republic Classic Perfume and the New Malachite Perfume from Banana Republic..

Malachite @ Banana Republic

Banana Republic Classic


akupunyahal said...

wah bestnya shoppinggg... sana sure murah2 kan?

Mohamad said...

OK la juga fasal sekarang tengah sales. Monday ni President's Day so ape lagi shopping aje la. Lagipun exchange rate dia RM3.24 = USD1

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