Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to Create Google Custom Search on your Blog

This are the steps to create a google custom search on your Blog and hope this will be helpful to you to manage you blog and for your visitors to browse your previous posts.

  1. Create google account if you doesn't have one.
  2. Sign In to your google account and go to Create a Custom Search Engine
  3. Press Create a Custom Serch Engine button and than you have to fill in the details
  4. Fill in the basic information
  5. Under "What do you want to search?" you may select
    1. Only sites I select - if you only want to search within the content of your blog
    2. The entire web but emphasize sites I select - if you want to search your selected sites
    3. The entire web - if you want to search the entire sites
  6. Select and edition
  7. Check the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service" then Press Next and Finish
  8. Go to Control Panel and select the search engine name that you have just created.
  9. Select code at the tp menu bar
  10. Copy the code in the search box code and paste into your blog.
Hope you can do it successfully.

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