Friday, October 31, 2008

Laksa Johor

I start to miss Local Food and cusine especially Laksa Johor. So bak kata my mother jilat tapak tangan je la. Tak dapat makan Laksa tengok gambar jadi la. Menu hari ni Daging Masak Merah (Brahim), Serunding Daging ( Brahim) dengan Broad Bean....

Art of Photography

This shot was taken during Hari Raya 2 years ago. My two nieces we so exhausted after visited 4 houses in a row....

Gentlemen Quarterly GQ8 - Johor


Gentlemen Quarterly GQ7 - Jakarta


Gentelmen Quartery GQ6 - Kelantan


Gentelmen Quarterly GQ5 - Terengganu



Setelah kenyang dan penat berjalan di Souq kami singgah di Corniche Road untuk mengambil gambar pemandangan malam West Bay Al Dafna. Still not very good. Kena guna stand juga nampaknya.

Kedai Gambus

Dalam banyak-banyak kedai di Suoq tu ada sebuah kedai membuat Gambus.. Gambaran dan Suasana di Suoq ini seolah-olah seperti dalam cerita Allahyarham P. Ramlee Ali Baba... Mungkin masa pembikinan dilem tu dulu dia meninjau keadaan peempatan orang-orang Arab masa dulu...

Souq in Doha Qatar

Just to share with you the atmosphere at the Souq and I will assure you this is the main destination that I will bring my visitors whoever come and visit me in Doha. So kekawan ku simpan la duit dalam RM4000 je tambang naik Qatar Airways dari Malaysia ke sini.

Dinner @ Thanni

Had a night out with Zamani and Sofi at Souq in Doha after shopping at Lulu Supermarket to buy the groceries. It was my first time at Souq and our main purpose was to have our Dinner. A Second Kenduri in a week. Sofi was with the same company previously and we are working on a same company now. Zamani joined the company 3 months ago. So when we are away from our family we have to depend on our friends for entertainment and hang out. Next week Zamani's family will be here...

So we decided to try a Morocon Restaurant Thanni. I order Harrira Soup as Starters and Beef Fillet Kebab for the Main Course. Zamani and Sofi tried Camel Meat. It was nice and tender.

The environment in Souq Restaurant is nice and will soon be my hang out when I am alone....

Gentelmen Quarterly GQ4 - Kedah


Gentelmen Quarterly GQ3 - Melaka


Alhamdulillah Ruang GQ semakin meriah semenjak di lancarkan di harapkan mendapat lebih banyak penyertaan dari para Bloggers...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gentlemen Quarterly GQ2 - Johor


Ruangan GQ Bulan ni masih mempaparkan photography berlatar belakangkan air dengan Suasana Pantai. Lokasi Tioman. Terima Kasih kepada Model Sambilan.

Ingin menjadi Model Sambilan untuk di paparkan di ruangan GQ di Blog saya yang akan datang? Hubungi saya untuk keterangan lanjut.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treats @ Applebee's

Izam and I goes a long way. We first met when both of us were involved in the Tower 2 Petronas Twin Tower Project. In fact he was my "Pengapit" when I got married. After completing the Tower project, we both go separate ways. I joined another project in UTP while he was involved in the Putrajaya project management sewerage system. Back then that will be the least in everyone's list to be the Project Manager to manage other people's shits. But through those years he become an expert in his field and was offered a job in Qatar local Authorities to manage sewerage all over Qatar. He has been here for about 2 years and plan to say here until he retires. He has been very helpful eversince I arrived in Qatar and since I don't have any relative in Qatar. I ended invite Izam and his family to "kenduri kan" my first salary.. Ambil berkatlah katakan. The Venue Applebee's, City Centre, Doha Tel: +974 4934880.

He fetched me at the Hotel at 7.15 pm and we went straight to the restaraunt.

Upon arrival, we were ushered to the Family section and lucky Adam he received a drawing kit while waiting for the food to come.

I told I want something western, I chose Mushroom Steak and I was perfect. I hope I don't gain any extra inches in my waist or else I have to double by effort in the gym tomorrow.

Izam started his doa for us before we start eating, I was touched by his prayer but that's what friends are for.

My Steak

Izam's Salmon

In the end As, Izam's wife suggested to have Blondie. It was delicious and yummy. The base is sweet and it has an ice-cream topping with sauce.

It was a lovely night. I remembered Izam once told me, a few years back he told his wife, "I wish I could work less but earn more money" and As replied at that time"In your dreams".. But now Izam's dream came through he works 5 days a week and his working hours is only from 7.00 am to 2.00pm. Isn't that great? May allah bless all of us ...

Word to ponder... Always remember when we faced with some difficulty now it is to prepare us for a better future. Like in the case of Izam...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missing U Wawa

Chat with my wife today. She said she brought Wawa to Ampang Putri hospital for a regular check-up. She is very cautious nowadays in taking food that has been prohibited by Doctor because she is in the early stage of asthma. Hope she will get well soon. Miss U Wawa...

Missing U Cindy

I had a chat with my children recently and I can view them through webcam. Everyone was there. I asked how is Cindy? They said her usual place ... Miss U Cindy..... Thank you for being part of our family...

Photography Trial and Error

Eversince I arrived in Doha, I wanted to start shooting pictures but I was told to be careful when taking pictures in Qatar. Especially sensitive areas so I was cautious not to do anything wrong. Well so far the pictures I have taken was not to my fullest satisfaction. either it was on a moving vehicle or just curi-curi... I just couldn't wait to buy a car so that I can go and start taking pictures wherever I want. So as introduction...

Picture taken using Nikon Coolpix right in front of the mosque nearby the hotel I resided.

This is a picture of Qatar Islamic Centre. This is the only place where the sermon on Friday prayers will be held in English. Here they also provide a free Arabic class which I intend to register. Nak ambil peluang semasa masih di sini. Picture taken using Nikon D80 in the car while waiting for the lights to turn green.

Picture taken after magrib from the top of my 6 storey office building... Saje suka tengok streaking lights...

Pay Day

When I came to Qatar, I was told to open a bank account. I wanted to open HSBC but the company insisted of having the same bank with the rest of the staff; IBQ or International Bank of Qatar. Mr Mahzen is our customer service officer who handle our company's account. We received a credit card and also ATM card. We are also subscribe to this mobile sms service.

So today evening, I received a text message from IBQ " Dear Customer, your salary has been credited to your current account" Alhamdulillah dapat dah gaji pertama... in Qatari Riyal...

My Daily Routine in Doha Qatar

Jam 5.00 Bangun Solat Subuh
Jam 5.15 Prepare Breakfast
Jam 5.30 Mandi dan bersiap
Jam 6.15 Chatting dgn Family dan Rakan
Jam 6.30 Breakfast
Jam 7.00 Pergi Kerja
Jam 7.20 Sampai Office
Jam 8.00 Mula Kerja
Jam 12.00 Solat Zuhor
Jam 1.00 Lunch
Jam 3.00 Asar
Jam 5.00 Magrib
Jam 6.00 Balik Kerja
Jam 6.30 Isya
Jam 7.00 Masak Nasi & Pergi Gym
Jam 8.30 Balik Gym dan Makan Malam
Jam 9.00 Tengok TV, Check Mail, Baca Buku etc
Jam 11.00 Tidur

Itu la routine saya dari Sabtu ke Khamis.
Khamis dan Sabtu Half day balik jam 2.00 selalunya either basuh baju, gosok baju atau pergi gym.
Hari Jumaat pula pergi solat Jummat dan pegi barang-barang keperluan.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

West Bay

West Bay View and the Place I stay from the City.

Local Billboard

This advert catches my eyes the moment I arrived 10 days ago. I advert reflect the local culture..

Tose and Chai - Malaysian Reunion in Qatar

I received a call from my previous tenant Mahindar last week welcoming me to Qatar. He has been in Qatar for the past 20 years. I remembered when I was looking for an accommodation when I moved to Ipoh for a new project in Sri Iskandar. His house in Persiaran Bukit Meru attracted me. It was love at first sight. During my stay at his bungalow house with a land area of 7000 square foot, I had transformed his bungalow house with just lawn and a one mango tree at the time I moved in to a compound full of landscape with heliconia. I really enjoyed my stay there.

In his call Mahindar invited me to join him and two other Malaysian for breakfast at an Indian Restaurant on Friday 24 October 2008. I was delighted and could not wait the taste of Authentic Indian food.. Tose & Chai.

Avinda who is staying at the same hotel came and fetch me. Avinda is previleged and blessed to work with the Local Authority. Why I say blessed, it is because they only work 5 days a week and only up to 2 pm. He is lavish with time... Hope I wish to have that privilege. I could have use to precious time to do things I like.... which is my hobby stuff.

I let Mahidar recommend what to order since here has been in Qatar for a long time. He recommended Tose and Spicy Tea. The food was great.

Half way through, Mahindar's Canadian friend who just arrived joined us for breakfast. I also asked Mahidar what makes him come to Qatar 20 year ago.... It was interesting life experience. he had gone through. Maybe I will write an article on his experience later....

In the end we had a good food, good laugh and a good reunion among Malaysia living abroad.

Well if you happened to be in Doha, Qatar and want to have a taste Authentic Indian Food. Do drop by at Annapoorna The Garden +974 4365686.
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