Sunday, February 10, 2008

Deanna's Surprise Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday 10 February, Deanna asked me if I will be around on her birthday and I said "No". She looks dissapointed. Being Gifted with the sense of feel or in other words "Gelombang Minda". I can sense she was dissapointed. But I have other plans for her. I thought of bringing her celebration forward. I brought some ballons and mask last week. So on that day it self I bought a choclate cake from Secret Receipe.. Hmmm Yum Yum eventhough I liked Cheesecake better, I wouln't mind having chocolate cake. So after Magrib prayer and we were about to have our dinner, I simply shut off the main switch lit the candle on the cake called her... She was surprise and unexpected. Tu la kadang-kadang we need to have some surprises in our life to be more creative and interesting. I gave her a MP3 as a present. A present, I received when I presented a paper in our internal forum crganised by my office....

Selamat HAri Lahir Deanna Moga Allah menjadi kan Kamu anak yang solehah dan berjaya dalam hidup serta tercapai segala yang di impikan...

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