Friday, August 22, 2014

Journey Through The Skies

Journey is an experience
Boarding the plane with excitement
Warm smiles from the crews
Appreciating the ambience
Making oneself comfortable…
The pilot announces the departure
Reciting prayers
Heart felt with joy, fear and hope…

As the plane began to lift off

You began to see the vegetation and buildings on the ground

You see ships in the sea

Getting smaller and smaller
How I always wonder
How great or big someone or something is on the ground
The scene is so minute up in the skies

Allahu Akbar....
How, we human are so weak and so minute
Allah is the greatest

 As the plane passes through the clouds
You will feel the turbulences
Hoping it will soon be over ...

But, the clouds get darker
You see the lightning and hear the sound of thunder
You fear... , will it go away
Will the plane survives the harsh weather?

The feeling of Joy, Fear and Hope are always there
In the Journey through the skies...

As the clouds start to clear
Blue Skies emerge

The plane stabilizes
Your fear began to ease
You see the beauty landscape of the clouds and the blue skies
Taking various shapes

Subhannallah and praises to Allah...
The Clouds and the Blue Skies, constantly taking it shapes...
Sculpturing the skies
In accordance to the command of Allah 

Even when the plane stabilizes
One could never predict what could happen...
Like the fate of the planes which failed to reach the destinations

The only hope
Allah will always protect the Journey
To be safe and sound...

As the sun comes to set

The colour of violet fills the skies

Changing the landscape towards the east
Slowly changing the day light to darkness of the night...

Reminding us the time of prayers, soon will come
To remember Allah no matter where we are...
Who are we without you, Allah
The Greatest the Al Mighty

As the plane starts to descend
The darkness filled with lights on the ground..
Fell of Joy and excitement fills the heart
The destination just miles away

After the incidences of MH 370, MH17 and others
The Journey Though the Skies
Is no longer the same...

The feeling of Fear and Hope supersede the feeling of Joy

May Allah will always protect and bless us
And keep us safe every time, everywhere
Whenever, wherever we are in Journey
Whether the Skies, Seas and Grounds
Thank you Allah for the protection in this Journey in Life

By: MJ Alhamra Friday 22nd August 2014
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