Thursday, February 28, 2008

Menguruskan Urusan Peribadi

Dah lebih 2 minggu tak de kat Malaysia dan banyak perkara pula nak di bereskan. Pagi tadi tak semena2 tingkap kereta di belakang tak boleh pulak tutup. Kalau nak tangguhkan bimbang juga nak bawa kereta ke sana sini. Nak ambil cuti, hmm appointment penuh sampai minggu depan. Lagi pun nak kena buat IC anak sulung yang sudah masuk 12 tahun baru-baru ni. Jadi terpaksala ambil time-off petang tadi untuk nak uruskan urusan peribadi. Alhamdulillah selesai sudah semuanya. Tapi yang masih tak selesai ialah my jet lag. Dah dua hari lewat bangun dan hari ni lak tertidur lagi masa di workshop. Hopefully it will be over by this weekend.

My Sister in Poland

My sister has been in Poland for a few years now. The last time she came back was when my late eldest sister past away more than a year ago. I hope she is happy there because not many people have the opportunity to be aboard. Well it reminds me when I was in UK pursuing my degree there. The excitement was only the first three months. After that it was just a routine life and you just have to be there and complete your study... I know the feeling it wasn't easy. Anyway like to share this picture of her with her office colleague ...

Monday, February 25, 2008

It is Good to be home

City Hall Park - The Final Day inNew York City

City Hall Park

Dinner at Chilli's - Grilled Salmon

At last I am back to KL after 22 hours of travelling from Newark Liberty International Airpot. I finally making the full use of my time in New York on the last day. It is only the day which I have some free time.

After Zuhor prayer at about 12.11 am I checked out of the hotel. My flight MH91 was at 21.40 in the evening and it was still much time to walk and go around. I ended up took a train to World Trade Centre and look at the construction activities there. However, not much is happening there. I proceed to Hard Rock Cafe times Square to get Ariff's T-shirt before going back to the hotel.

It was timely and departed for the hotel with a shuttle at 5.00pm. I have accumulated the bags due to unexpected cold weather and I had to get extra winter clothing. The check-in was cool unfortunately there wasn't any business lounge. We were given $20 coupon to get the food at the airport lounge. We went to Chilli's and order a grilled salmon. After dinner I gone in for the security check. We had to take off our shoes, belt, notebook for scanning.

It was fast and once I was inside the departure lounge, I looked for a spot for me to say my prayer. I managed to browse the gift shop at the lounge to buy the last minute souvenir.

The departure was punctual and we boarded the plane to KL with an hour and half transit at Arlanda, Sweden airport. To be frank there wasn't much activities to do on the plane except watch movie, sleep and eat.

Arrived in KL ahead of schedule, get our luggages and took a cab straight back home. Hmmm it is good to be back. After breakfast I took a rest and ended sleeping for more than 7 hours. I blame it on the jet lag. So by tomorrow I will start the usual routine Back to work.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It is Time to Leave

After almost 2 weeks in New York. It is time to leave. We have accomplished our mission here and after this will be more effort to ensure the works by the local consultants is completed within the time frame.

So my fellow bloggers. Do you want to get the red carpet ready at KLIA? Hmmm tak payah la. I will just take a cab back home. What should I write after this?

Interview orang Maryland untuk saudara di Malaysia

From New York with LOVE

To all my Blog visitor.. From New York with LOVE...

Winter Wonderland in Newark / New York

I am experiencing another snow during this trip. This time it is much thicker than last week. I hope it will melt soon as I will be leaving tomorrow evening. It was a very long time since I had this experience i.e during my unviersity days in London. It is good to have this feeling again once in a while.

Friday, February 22, 2008

" Sirih nak pulang ke ganggang" - Malaysian Election 2008

I never expected that time was running so fast and lots of things are happening in Malaysia while I am away. When I left Kuala Lumpur for a business trip in New Year, I was not aware of the up coming election although I know it is around the corner but the date is yet to be announced. I was informed last Wednesday the dissolution of parliament and later the Election Commission has announced the next general election will be held on 8th March 2008. It will be timely for me to be home for the election. To my surprise, I was informed two days ago, one of my foster brother Zahir will be nominated to contest in Kamunting, Perak.

"Sirih nak pulang ke ganggang" that was the exact word from Dato Abdul Khalid who was the ADUN for two terms way back in the 1970s. It was an emotional moment for him knowing the fact that his son Mohamad Zahir has been selected by UMNO to contest in the Kamunting constituency in the next general election. Insyaallah if god permits he will be nominated to contest next week.

I remembered when I first met him in Canterbury, Kent in late 1980s where he was pursuing his A level. He kept mentioning being a politician and about his father political career. Deep inside me at that time, I know one day he going to succeed his father political career and I know his dreams will come true. He is like a brother to me, he usually confided me about life, relationships, study and career. I also encouraged him to join Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) during my involvement in the construction of UTP project, where he was finally employed until last week. He has to let go his position there to contest in the next election. I have great confident in him and his capabilities if entrusted to be the "Wakil Rakyat". He has developed the skills through the years and ripe for the contest.

To me, this is the power of Dream. We need to have dream and goal in our life. Having a dream and goal alone is not enough, you need to go the next level which is to have a short and long term plan for your dream and gauge every single milestone you have set to accomplish your Dream/Goal. The stronger you believe in it, the stronger it will drive you towards it. At least, I am proud that he has taken my words of advice seriously way back in the 1980s and now he is about to make it a reality. Well done Zahir! You are in the right move.

This picture of his was taken in Kew Garden in London.

I pray for you Zahir, may your dream come true and remember, once elected you have a greater responsibility for the "rakyat" and do follow the foot steps of the "Sahabah" in leading the people and the cpuntry. I know you be the man I will proud off. Perhaps once I am back home from this trip, I keep in touch with you on how I could assist you in your election campaign.

Do you think I can interview you and feature you in my Blog? Hmmmmm....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Native American Music by Raices Group

I met this Native American playing some nice and soothing music at the Times Square subways. Perhaps like to share this with you. Sorry for the interruption at the end of the video.

Works of Art in New York Subways

Some of the works of art made of mosaics in New York Subways.

Madame Tussauds New York

I didn't get much chance to go around New York during the previous visit and I thought why don't I see the interesting places in New York this time. The advert on the map catches my attention where you will get $6 off from the ticket price to enter Madame Tussauds. The ticket for Adult is $29 so I only need to pay $23. Since the place is confined in one building the exhibition is done vertically and you have to walk down floor by floor. As you enter you will be greeted by Mr Incredible Hulk.

It is interesting to meet prominent figures of the world and also celebrities in within an hour and half. To bad I was there alone and didn't have the opportunity to pose with each and every wax model there. Here are some of the prominent figures I met.

Mr Incredible Hulk

Late Princess Diana

Mr Trump and Me

Mr Nelson Mandela

Abraham Lincon

Charlie Chaplin

Me and Diana



Mahatma Ghani

Micheal Jackson

Tina Turner

Mariyln Monroe

The Astronauts

Lucie Ball

Sharing New York Architecture

The day began with the usual meeting with my consultant in Fifth Avenue in New York. I took a NJ Transit from Newark to New York Penn Station. I decided to walk from NY Penn Station to my consultant office so that I could capture as much pictures I could from my knowledge, things that are being built, the logistics etc and also completed building. I took alone I took 780 pictures. Reaches home in the evening and exhausted.

It is fascinating to see how America developed since the migration of British to the Newfoundland. Perhaps I could share some of the buildings I have captured yesterday.

Trump Tower. It is interested to note at the entrance to this tower stating that it is open to public.

As you enter the building, you will be welcome with a red carpet and the interiors is so luxurious with the marble and the brass lift cap finishes. It was so stylish and elegance. But I main purpose there was actually to go to the restroom after a long day walk.

Building Designed by Fosters and Partners

Post Office at Penn Station

This building is designed by the same architect who designed the Twin Tower, Ceasr Pelli

Another view of the building

Chysler Building Night View

Rockefellar Center

Times Square at night

Nostalgic Memories @ Woolwich Arsnel

What we are today is moulded by our past, our upbringing, our friends, our environment and surrounding. I would like to share with you the sweet memories I had when I was a student pursuing my undergraduate studies at Thames Polytechnic, Dartford, Kent or currently known as University of Greenwich in United Kingdom. These were some of the sweet moment.

Just came back from playing tennis with Not and Kodi, Woolwich

Kodi and I in Woolwich. Kodi has a brother named Kadi and who is going to be participating the in next General Election. Well Kadi always wanted to be a politician eversince he was in College. He did his A-Level in Canterbury and then pursue his degree in Economics and later Law. Very Ambitious and if faith is on his side insyallah we will be the wakil rakyat. Well sometime you never know when you were friends, that you friend going to be somebody one day. May all his wishes come through. I will try to get his picture on this blog soon.

Makan-makan with friends at Woolwich. Not yang masak. Itu pakar masakan. Kalau tinggal dengan dia memang tak lapar. Tengokla size comel aje kan. FYI I am the one taking the picture ....

This was during Hari Raya. Senyuman di Aidil Fitri tapi senyuman tu macam di baut-buat kerana keesokkan hari nya ade final exam. Gitu la gara-gara hidup di sana. We have to make plan and set our priority right. Think ahead what you want to accomplish and don't ever have a last minute study.
This was my room during Hari Raya. Nas ( lost contact), Qasim (met him recently now having the tittled Datuk), Ashaari (still in contact but have not met for a few year now, maklumla masing2 busy), Kodi (still in touch), Alfian (lost contact) and Zul ( still in contact). I liked to share something about Zul. I have known him for very long when I was at the Polytechnic. He is one god fearing and humble guy. It is good to have a friend like him banyak ikram i.e. tunaikan hak saudara tanpa menuntut hak dia. Thank you all of you for making my life so wonderful abroad. Moga allah merahmati kita semua. Amin.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Source of Knowledge- 12 affirmation to live by:

1. Have a positive self image
2. Believein your self and your abilities
3. Define your purpose and reasons for living
4. Think positively
5. Visuale your purpose...
6. Focus on positive
7. Have the confidence and courage to be inner directed
8. Take possession of your mind, in such strength that your emotions, instinct and your body are under your control
9. Act in present
10. Plan for success
11. Have faith in your abilities
12. Execute your plan and produce desired results

Visit to the Museum

Jom Lets Go to The Museum

National Postal Museum

The Post Office

The Early Pictures

Earlier Mode of Delivery

Other Mode By Air Mail

On the Road

Museum of Art Gallery

Inside the Building

The inside the Building

Connection Art Gallery Building

Hard Landscape

International Spy Museum

Sorry tak leh ambil gambar kat dalam so di luar aje la ye...

National Building Museum

Outside the Building

Inside the Building with fountain

Inside the Building

Ha Burung pun dah nak balik. Jom la kita balik
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