Monday, February 25, 2008

It is Good to be home

City Hall Park - The Final Day inNew York City

City Hall Park

Dinner at Chilli's - Grilled Salmon

At last I am back to KL after 22 hours of travelling from Newark Liberty International Airpot. I finally making the full use of my time in New York on the last day. It is only the day which I have some free time.

After Zuhor prayer at about 12.11 am I checked out of the hotel. My flight MH91 was at 21.40 in the evening and it was still much time to walk and go around. I ended up took a train to World Trade Centre and look at the construction activities there. However, not much is happening there. I proceed to Hard Rock Cafe times Square to get Ariff's T-shirt before going back to the hotel.

It was timely and departed for the hotel with a shuttle at 5.00pm. I have accumulated the bags due to unexpected cold weather and I had to get extra winter clothing. The check-in was cool unfortunately there wasn't any business lounge. We were given $20 coupon to get the food at the airport lounge. We went to Chilli's and order a grilled salmon. After dinner I gone in for the security check. We had to take off our shoes, belt, notebook for scanning.

It was fast and once I was inside the departure lounge, I looked for a spot for me to say my prayer. I managed to browse the gift shop at the lounge to buy the last minute souvenir.

The departure was punctual and we boarded the plane to KL with an hour and half transit at Arlanda, Sweden airport. To be frank there wasn't much activities to do on the plane except watch movie, sleep and eat.

Arrived in KL ahead of schedule, get our luggages and took a cab straight back home. Hmmm it is good to be back. After breakfast I took a rest and ended sleeping for more than 7 hours. I blame it on the jet lag. So by tomorrow I will start the usual routine Back to work.


akupunyahal said...

huu hu tak de souvenir untuk sya ker dari NYC? :)

Mohamad said...

hmmm. souvenir gambar je la eh.. nak pos??? lain la kalau u kat malaysia.... hmm selagi stock masih ade...

Anonymous said...

got your phone message. Akak got the flu since Sunday. Terima kasih daun keladi, tahun depan datng lagi ya (bawak Wa plak), Insya Allah.

Kak Ana

Mohamad said...

Ok thank you kak Ana. Hope you get well soon. I alhamdulillah sihat aje cuma jet lag aje. tadi pagi bangun tidur pukul lapan pagi hehehe. Ape address blogspot rasheed ye...

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