Friday, February 8, 2008

My Blog Status as of 080208

Gong Xi Fa Chai for my fellow Chinese Blogger Readers. Today Friday 080208 marked a significant accomplishment so far on my Blog. I guess in Chinese 080208 may have some auspicious meaning which I do not know. Well as for my blog status, it has reached 100 posts and the visitors for the past 24 hours has reached one of the highest hits i.e. 85 number of hits as compared to the usual average of 20. I am also surprised to receive visitors from South America for the first time. I will definitely improve from time to time to make this Blog interactive, source of other Bloggers who are new in this Blog world apart from sharing my interest and experiences about life.

Next week will mark another hectic week where I will be travelling to the United State of America to attend some meetings for a duration of 2 weeks. I will try to update my blog should time permits.

I have been to America a few times and among places that I have been to was Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, Connecticut and New York. And New York is the place I visited the most.
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