Sunday, February 21, 2010

A treat from Che Wan on Valentine's Day

Received a call from Che Wan inviting me for Dinner @ 8 pm at Holiday Inn. We supposedly had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant, unfortunately we didn't make any reservation and to make things worst, it was Chinese New Year. We had to wait for almost half then later we were informed to be seated at Legenda Restaurant within the same premises. We waited almost for 1 hour but nothing came out. We were then offered to have buffet as complimentary due to the late service. I took the opportunity to fill up my empty belly. I had oysters and smoked salmon. Hmm it is delicious. The food finally came in by course and we ended up finished the meal by 11.30.. What a long dinner memorable dinner since the first time in our life had to wait that long for food.. till we lost our appetite.

Che Wan Pot-Luck Farewell

On the 6th of February 2010, we had a pot luck farewell for Che Wan but this time at Fendi's residence. Che Wan agreed to cook for us Roti Jala, Fendi prepared variety of fruits, The Twins, Farmel & Kamel cooked delicious spicy curry.. hmm yummy, Nunanis baked donuts & hot dog rolls and I... hehehe bawa perut ajela. Honestly speaking I have lost touch of my cooking skills. I think I have been spoilt by the good chefs around me.

The night was fun and enlightening. In the end, we had karaoke sessions and I sang my heart out.... Lepas dendam la katakan...

Well now that you have left for Abu Dhabi Che Wan, we started to miss you already. You have lit up lots of life here in Qatar and fill our lonely heart with fun and joy. You are just like candle enlightening others while burning yourself... You have touched so many hearts and you always have time for everyone of us. You are so special and a very special friend. On behalf of all our friends in Qatar, I would like to Thank you Che Wan for being such a caring friend. May Allah bestows mercy on you and all of us. Amin. Can't wait to see to come back in Doha... Don't forget Eugene birthday on 2nd March!

I Love Daddy - Izham

Pasar Malam 2 @ Embassy


Pada 19 Februari 2010, Malaysian Association of Qatar sekali lagi mengajurkan Pasar Malam di perkarangan Kedutaan Malaysia di Qatar. Sambutan begitu mengalakkan sehingga ada yang terpaksa beratur untuk mendapatkan juadah pilihan masing-masing.

Pelbagai jenis juadah dan masakan yang di jaja dari Laksam, Mee Kari, Kway Teow Goreng, Satay, Kek Lapis Sarawak dan macam-macam lagi. Terasa macam Bazar Ramadhan pula.

Alhamdulillah acara sebegini dapat mengeratkan lagi hubungan rakyat Malaysia yang kini lebih kurang 2000 orang yang menetapkan di Qatar.

Yang Berbahagia Datin, Isteri Duta Besar Malaysia ke Qatar serta keluarga sempat meraikan majlis Pasar Malam tersebut sambil beramah mesra dengan setiap lapisan rakyat Malaysia di sini.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Along


Dari Jauh Daddy ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Lahir moga di panjangkan umur, di murahkan rezeki, di berkati hidup, di tetapkan iman, di beri hidup yang sihat, tercapai segala cita-cita serta mendapat kejayaan dunia dan akhirat.

Setiap detik berganti tahun begitu jugalah usia kita, along kini telah meningkat remaja. Moga nilai murni budi bahasa sopan santun sebagai anak timur harus di kekalkan agar kita bukan saja berjaya di dunia maupun di akhirat. Sebagai yang sulung Along harus menjadi contoh yang baik pada adik2 yang perlukan bimbingan, kemesraan dan kasih sayang seorang kakak.

Perhatilah sekeliling kita kerana di situ banyak perkara yang boleh kita belajar tentang hidup. Rujuk la pada kami mummy dan juga daddy untuk menilai mana yang baik dan mana yang tidak baik.. Moga Along menjadi anak yang beriman dan beramal Solehah. Happy Birthday Along

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Demilition of Rydges Hotel

This hotel was unoccupied about a year ago since I arrived and it was built to cater for the demand during the Asian Games. I was made to understand that the hotel was given a notice to shut down and to be demolished. It was last Thursday during the Dust Storm that I heard a loud noise, thought that it was a thunder but it sounded more like a bomb. True enough when I drove to work last Saturday passing by the hotel, my doubt was answered and the hotel is gone. the youtube shows how it was done.
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