Friday, January 23, 2009

Search for An Accomodation

For the past two weeks I have started to look for a new accomodation from apartments to villa as my tenancy in Ezdan will be expiring by mid March 2009. I started to look at the papers and also the Qatar Living.

So I called one villa in West Bay and this was my first destination. The location is strategic, near to school, Malaysian Embassy and also my site. But when I view the room, I could not imagine me staying there. The area is spacious with just a plywood partition to create a room, toilet and kitchen?? with QAR 7250 I think it is not worth if I were to compare with Ezhan where I am currently paying QAR 6950 complete with Electricity, Water, Internet, Gym, Swimming Pool and house keeping changing and cleaning the room. My benchmark will obviously better from the current place.

2nd place a 2 Bedroom unfurnished in Madina Khalifa with a price tag QAR 6500, Unfurnished only with Air condition. No stove, washing machine bed etc... If i were to fit out the building it will probably cost me about QR 10K - 20 K. But the thing is I have to go and buy and start dealing with the authority for electricity, water and internet... So this will definitely be no.

3rd place a 2 Bedroom fully furnished in Bin Omran. The apartment is nice and complete but it is beyond my budget QAR 10000 a month without electricity, water and internet. I have to subscribe with the authority. There is gym, swimming pool and car park are available. This may be an option if I can share the apartment but to share with a stranger is something take I can't anticipate the outcome especially on the share mate reaction if my family comes once in a while.

Finally I contacted Ezdan on the availability of rooms in Ezdan. I finally narrowed down my choices to either Executive Suite (QAR 9300) or Standard Room Suite (QAR 9150). the only different the Executive Suite has kitchen equipment and washing machine but small whereas the Standar Room Suite has a bigger room but not kitchen equipment and washing machine. I am still undecided which one to choose. May be I will make my decision once I view the rooms. Highly likely I will stay on in Ezdan...

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