Saturday, January 17, 2009

Al Fatihah.. I miss you Sis

It was just like yesterday when I bought you, your first birthday gift... I remembered that day we went to Alamanda and I bought you a perfumed Rose Powder. I gave to you and wish you Happy Birthday... and you said "You remembered my birthday" But that was the first and the last birthday gift from me to you.

Sis, You have done and scarifies a lot for all of us and it is unrepayable... Right from we were kids until we are adult and have families. You were always there for us. Your patience, your love... you are unreplaceable...

Sis eventhough you have left us a few years now... I still remember today is your birthday... but instead of singing a birthday song... recitation of Al Fatihah is more appropriate... Al fatihah...

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