Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally My First Day at Arabic Class

I was called by Al Fana informing me that I can attend the Arabic Class and it was supposedly on Sunday and Tuesday from 7.00 to 9.00. When I went there yesterday, my name wasn't in the list for Sunday and Tuesday but for Monday and Wednesday. Since I was there I just simply walked into one of the classroom and start to attend the lesson. Whether it was good or otherwise, the teacher can hardly speaks English but since I have this background of arabic letter through my reading of Quran, I can guess what the teacher was trying to convey. Half way through the lesson, the organiser came in and I was told to see him because my name wasn't in the list. My new friend Adnan from Singapore and me followed him and argued with him that he told us to come on Sunday but place our name on Monday. We tried to appeal but the chances was slim.

Finally, I said to myself I will come on Monday instead as directed after all the lesson is free.....

So I was excited again to start the class today but again, my name wasn't in the list again and decided to just continue the class anyway. Later I was made to understand that the organiser has put me back in the Sun/Tue class.... I began to get use to this sort of things here and just be patient. But the good thing is I began to like the class today. The teacher Mr Olga from Syria is kind of funny and give us good understanding of the subject matter. The approach of his teaching is also interesting and I decided to maintain with the class. I guess this is the blessing of being "sabar". I hope I will go through the class till the end up to Level 4.

There are 4 levels altogether and each level is about 10 weeks.

So if you are in Doha and like to learn arabic for free, what you need to do is to get and fill up the form. The form is available at Al Fana or you can send me an email and I can forward you the form. All you need is 2 passport size photograph and your RP. Once you have completed the form, you need to send it to Al Fana and they will contact you on which day and class you should attend. Come and join us. Learn Arabic...

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