Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Garden in My Absence

I have this passion in plants since I was kids. I remembered helping my grandma tendering the plants in her garden. She loves gardening. I love her orchids. One of my dream is to have a big compound and I will grow all type of plant that I like. My office mate is aware when I move from KL to Ipoh vice-versa, I would bring my plants along especially Heliconia. But now that I am in Qatar it is quite impossible to grow heliconia here, furthermore I am staying in the hotel and I manage to plant one or two in my room. So what happen to my plants in KL. It is in the good hand of my son.

Look at the roses the new shoot starts to appear...

I gave him specific instruction to make sure the plants are OK.

But there is one casualty. I rose found dead while I am away.

But my heliconia seem to grow well in my absence.. and this is one of the reason I love heliconia. It is hardy..

My water lily seems to survive

And My Plumeria

I hope all my plant will stay patient until I own a good piece of land for all my plants. so hang on for a while... and I will be back

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