Friday, October 17, 2008

Raya Open House Qatar

Today is our off day. Unfortunately there are restriction for bachelors. We are not allowed to enter certain shopping complexes on Friday. It is only for family.

We went to the Qatar Islamic Center and say Jummah solat there. I was made to understand that it is the only place where the sermon is in English. The topic today is about Financial crisis which are hitting USA and commented that fall in the financial institution is because of Riba and urge that we have to avoid engaging any sort of Riba either in business or day to day dealings.

After the prayer, we went around to look for apartment to rent but still the luck is not on our side. So we ended up went to Tuan Haji Zainal's residence for an Open house. After chating with Tuan Haji Zainal, I was made to understand that his wife is also from the same company as I am previously. We had good time and able to meet other Malaysian residing in Qatar.


Mohd Hafizd said...


gne camera ape eh? lawa n cantek2 gmbonye...

salam raya!

Mohamad said...

guna nikon D80. ini pun masih baru dan banyak trial and error. Salam Raya 2 u as well..

Mohd Hafizd said...

d80!! wonderful! that want is heavy and the most stable dslr rite?

well, are u still working with pet or other company? sorry, long time not follwing ur blog..

Mohamad said...

I find is more user friendly where the feature can easily be changed tak payah pergi ke menu setiap kali nak tukar settings.

Tapi di Qatar ni kalau nak ambil gambar kena hati-hati ada tempat2 yg sensitive tu tak boleh ambil gambar.

I have left my company now I am joining another company in Qatar. Nak cuba timba pengalaman overseas pula..

Anonymous said...

Wah.. Menu Yang Lazat2 Dan Pasti Sedap. Tapi Boleh Lawan LAKSA JOHOR Ker...?
Ingat... Makan Biarlah Sekadar Kenyang Cikit Yer... Baru Aje Keluar Dari Pengerusi KELAB TU .......Member2 Blog Yang Lain Kalau Terbaca Komen Nie Biar Mereka Bertanya Pengerusi KELAB YANG MANA SATU...?

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