Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photography Trial and Error

Eversince I arrived in Doha, I wanted to start shooting pictures but I was told to be careful when taking pictures in Qatar. Especially sensitive areas so I was cautious not to do anything wrong. Well so far the pictures I have taken was not to my fullest satisfaction. either it was on a moving vehicle or just curi-curi... I just couldn't wait to buy a car so that I can go and start taking pictures wherever I want. So as introduction...

Picture taken using Nikon Coolpix right in front of the mosque nearby the hotel I resided.

This is a picture of Qatar Islamic Centre. This is the only place where the sermon on Friday prayers will be held in English. Here they also provide a free Arabic class which I intend to register. Nak ambil peluang semasa masih di sini. Picture taken using Nikon D80 in the car while waiting for the lights to turn green.

Picture taken after magrib from the top of my 6 storey office building... Saje suka tengok streaking lights...

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