Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Meeting with A Friend

I received a sms from a friend who is on his way to Malaysia and he is on transit in Doha. We used to work together on a same project. At that time, I was the Project Manager and he was one of my sub contractor. After the project completed successfully, we become good friend. We used to talk about life and about each other experiences and problems. We will meet when there is an opportunity apart from our busy schedule.

I remembered telling him about my intention of going abroad but from his body language he doesn't seems to agree but only now I understand why.

So in his sms, he said that he would like to meet at Doha Shopping Centre near Sofitel and I responded OK. Through my recollection, I know about the Shopping Mall at the City Centre but wasn't sure there is any Sofitel and after asking with my office-mate, they said the hotel has a new name and it is called Mercure now. I had a lift from my office mate and it was good that we meet there. I get to go and see the Qatar version of Low Yatt and now I will feel at home.

He arrived at the hotel at about 8.00 pm as agreed and I invited him for dinner to a nearby restaurant. I told him, it will be my treat on my new salary. We ate Nan, with prawn massala and mixed noodle. We had a good chat and I told him my side of the story. after being in Qatar for almost a month now. It was there when he told me on the reason why he wasn't too keen of me going abroad as it is a different ball game altogether.

Anyway as what he said it is a norm to have the culture shock effect initially and I will get used to it. I told him, I am arabtized now..... I began to adapt with this place. He also shared what he had gone through and mentioned about the different stage of life experiences that I will encouter and he gave me soem good tips and advice.

In the end we had good food and good laugh just like the old days.... But the night didn't end there, he introduced me with his friend who handles some of the prestigious project in Qatar. His friend brought us to some of his projects in Pearl.... How I wish I were to know him earlier before I joined the present company. I believe in fate and if my rezeki is there insyallah I will be there eventually on top of whatever obstacles.

Sometimes being alone in Doha, certainly have some blessing where I get to think and plan for my future and my family's future. May Allah be with us always. To Chew, Thank you for taking you time to drop by and visit me. Thanks a Lot.. May us be FRANCE = Friendship Remains And Never Can End


hj adib said...

tu gambar rauf kan

Mohamad said...

U mean gambar bawah pokok tu ke? Kalau yang tu.. Raus masa kita pergi factory visit di Australia dulu.

hj adib said...

lupa nama dia raus.selalu ingat suara dia yang dengar tak dengar macam dalam kelambu.

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