Saturday, November 29, 2008

Man Behind Burj Dubai

I had a slot of 1 and half hour before my departure to Doha and I took Shahrom's offer to visit his project Burj Dubai. He brought me to the Sales and Marketing Suite and I had a little tour to the Armani suite. I was honoured to be given the opportunity. Terasa macam millionaire kejap. Shahrom gave a briefing along the way and I must say he has perfected his presentation skills. Well done Shahrom and Congratulations for your new position. I am proud of you and I guess all Malaysia also proud of you too.

Make sure you send me the paper article by BERNAMA once it is published. Wah lepas masuk paper ni ada chance la Muhammad Ali Rustam recommend hang kat Gabenor Melaka untuk bagi hang pinggat dan title Datuk. Kalau Shah Ruk Khan boleh tak kan kau tak leh dapat. Dah tentu anak jati Melaka. So what shall I call you Datuk Shahrom dan Datin....

Hai kalau masin mulut aku kau kena belanja aku ni. Selalunya mulut aku masin tau...

Anyway thank you very much for the tour and here the moments that I will remember... Will see you again insyallah.

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