Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gentlemen Quarterly Closing Edition

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a Model but I was so inferior of the way I look and don't know where to start to be a model. At that time I was so thin and had to do lots of things to put on weight.

I also envy looking at people who wore branded and designer's clothes. I started to buy books on fashion and subscribe to Gentlemen Quaterly GQ when I was in UK. I started to coordinate and match colour in the clothes and accesories I wore. Sometime I did get compliments from my friends telling me most of the things that I wore suits me. At that time my friends used to call me Mat GQ but I don't care. What matters is how you look and how you present yourself.

I guess now I be a Model for my own blog. It doesn't cost me anything to get myself published. After talking to a few friends, I invited them to join me to be my GQ model. I told them you can be what you want. We can get famous and popular in our own way.

Initially I didn't expect to get a good responses. I thought I probably will get only once a month. But to give them some encouragement, I told them that there will be a Best GQ Award and start from then on, there are more and more contestant start to join in. They are all my friends... My good friends and also my nephew Zul.

Sometimes looking at their facial expression reminds me of the good time and happy moments we had together. For your information, I will get permission from all my GQ models before the pictures are published and I like to thank them all for your participation.

As you all know, the Best GQ will be awarded The "1 Million" Perfume by Paco Rabanne. By 12 midnight tomorrow Doha time, all selected jury and public voting will be closed. The top 5 GQ will be announced but the Winner will only be announced after Eidul Adha.

All who have participated will receive a souveniour from Qatar which is something that can be widely found in Qatar as a consolation price.

I like to take this opportunity to thank all Judges and all voters who has visited my blog and participated in this event. Just stay tune for the next episod which is CE Children's Expressions.

Before I end I like to apologise should there be any shortcoming on my part...

Sometimes I just wonder will I be chosen to be top 5 if I were to participate???

Last Minute voters, you still have time till tomorrow midnight to cast your vote. See YOU and Bye Wassalam

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