Friday, November 21, 2008


Last two weeks Abu Bakar came to my apartment. He is an expert in cupping. In fact he said that one of his regular customer is his Royal Highness's son. I heard about cupping before but as usual I am so afraid when come to blood. I don't really know what has gone into me that day that made me agreed to do this. So he brought his equipment and start doing his cupping procedure. Once ready he started pumping on my back and a lot of blood ozzing out. It took about an hour to complete the whole process. There we marks on my back but after a few days it dissapeared and I felt better. I just need to check my cholesterol if it really lower down my cholesterol.

So whoever in Qatar and would like to get his service, leave your message to me and I will get him to contact you.

As a demostration you can watch the youtube below but that wasn't me. I just grap it from youtube...

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