Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost of a Good Friend - Alfatihah

Roslan Hassan is the name. I first met him when we were working together at Nik Jai Associates way back in the 1990s. He was a cool and nice guy. I used to spend weekend at his place watching movie and chat. After Nik Jai we went separate ways for a greener pasture. I joined KLCC and he joined a Developer up North but we still kept in touch.

I remembered I told him about my plans to work in Doha. He was very eager and he made a point to come to my house in Sungai Buaya. We had lunch and we talk and talk as if we not going to meet again... I called him once when I am in Doha to ask his well being and ask me for opportunities here in Doha for himm.

Well time flies, this morning I received a sms from his wife Ita, informing me that Lan has passed away. What as shock and a sudden death. I called Ita and she told me that Lan was on his way home for a long weekend to spend time with his family and he had a heart attack while driving alone on the highway.... He tried to call his daughter but she didn't pick up the phone because she was at her tuition and hope Lan will call her back..but there was no more calls.. He passed away there alone... It is sad to hear the news and his children are about mine. I told Ita to be patience as this is a test from Allah. She said "I have to continue my life for the children and I told her do call or email to me if you need someone to talk".

Well life is a journey and we don't know when is our turn. We just have to be a good muslim, be kind to others, do the best at all times and to give all our love to all. As when the time comes, there will be no regrets for the people we left behind and for us who has left.

May Allah have mercy on Roslan dan moga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Al fatihah... You will alway be remembered in my heart my Good Friend Roslan.

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