Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Scam - Indah Water

I received a call yesterday on my handphone yesterday. Since I am maintianing the number and since the number call me twice; I decided to return call. The number is 048180406.

When I call this is how our conversation goes. The person who happened to pick up the phone is an Indian Male (no offense my Indian friends, I am just sharing with all of you on what had happened). The background seems to be noisy.

Me: Hello, I received a call from this number yesterday, where is this?
Other party: This is Indah Water
Me: What is is about?
Other party: This is about your outstanding bill with Indah water?
Me: Where is this place anyway? Why is the number 04?
Other Party: This is in Penang.
Me: But why Penang, I don't have a house in Penang
Other Party: We managed all outstanding account internationally
Me: I don't have a house registered under my name and I have not registered my number to all the account.
Other Party: Can you give me you phone number
Me: My number is 012XXXXXXX
Other Party: I am sorry the system is down at the moment and once the system is back I will check and I will call you back.
Me: Please don't bother to call me because I am overseas and I will not pick up your call
Other Party: You will be charged and I will be charged when I call right?
Me: Yes
Other Party: You can pay when you comes back. When will you be back?
Me: Next Year and pelase don't call me again. and I hang up

I see some flaws in our conversation. He sounded confident but if you probe further you will notice it. Below are my points to confirm that this is a scam

1) Indian Male: Usually people working in indah water is Malay and not fluent in English
2) Indah water central account office: Location in Penang where is should be centralised in KL
3) He mentioned about control of international account: It supposed to be national account?
4) When ask to check the account: He mentioned the system is down?
5) If you know you need to collect your bill. Why don't they just write and issue letter instead of calling.
6) If it is genuine. Why don't they call me even that I am overseas.
7) He sounded dissapointed when I said I am coming back next year. Sound likes I better rest my case...

So guys just be careful, there are a lot of Con men out there.

Update: I told my wife to check with Telecom whether the number above is registered under Indah Water... And she said, telecom responded that all number starting with 818 is not registered with Telecom so they cannot trace it??? Telecom /Police do something before things gets worst. You have to beat the crime and not just stop there.

Alhamdulillah I never this feel safe in Doha. You don't need a steering lock for your car, ladies can wear their jewelries on the streets with no problems. Maybe because the punishments here are severe... I have heard there is one Malaysian is still in jail here because of credit card fraud. May Allah safe all of us insyallah. Amin.

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