Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mummy in Doha

Last school holiday I decided to bring my wife along to Doha after my short vacation in Malaysia just to give an exposure and feel how Doha is like. It was still cold at that time surprisingly and we had a lot of rains as well. we managed to have house warming and invited a few friends to come over. One of the menu .. tak lain dan tak bukan Laksa Johor... Hmm yum yum.

Luckily we managed to get most of the ingredients here, Lengkuas, Serai, Daun Selasih, Taugeh cuma kerisik aje tak jumpa. Anyway the taste was good. During that 2 weeks she was here, I had good tasty Malaysian food maklumlah it has been a while.. almost 6 months now I am here.

I brought her to souq waqif, corniche and a few shopping mall. I just she enjoy her stay here. I bought some lilies at Villagio and surprisingly it blooms when she was about to leave.. tu yang posing tu sebelah bunga tu...

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