Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Credit Card Scam

This happened to my inlaw so be careful. Her message is as follow...

There is also a new scam going around regarding credit card, which I happened to experience it myself.

On 13.4.2009 at around 6.52 p.m, I received a call from this number 601300808888.

As usual, it’s a computerized voice that did the talking saying that I have an outstanding payment of RM4,900.00 with AmBank (credit card).

The voice will then said press 0 to repeat or press 9 for customer service (which luckily I pressed 9).

A guy with answered my call and as usual asking for my ID number.

When I refused to give the said info and asked to talk to his manager, he just hung up on me.

So, my advice is that :-

1. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR I.D (NRIC/PASSPORT etc) to any unknown party who is asking for your banking information.

2. Kindly clarify this with the bank, get a clarification/confirmation that you did not have any outstanding payment.

3. Lodge a complaint with the bank and/or Bank Negara

4. Lodge a police report.

A police inspector also informed me that if the number is 010/012/013/014/016/017/018 followed by 00, the number is not valid/registered with the phone company which make it hard for the police to trace.



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