Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who's Who in the World

Somehow out of the blue, I have been nominated to for the 2009 Edition of Who's Who in the World. I don't really know where they get my name and my email. I supposed it is probably because of my involvement in the KLCC development or because I was featured in the Man Made Marvel show shown on the Discovery channel.

I always wanted to be someone who can be of significance to others 'atau dengan lain perkataan dapat memberi munafaat kepada orang lain' by share my knowledge and experiences with others.

Thank you for the nomination and I will insyallah submit my biography for thier review soon. You can visit Who's Who in the World Website for your information.


akupunyahal said...

Tahniah semoga terus menjadi sumber inspirasi kepada anak2 Melayu kita...

UTPtoday admin said...

congrats bro..

Anonymous said...


Mohd, sorry dah lama tak datang. Abg Omar bought me a new computer, so my old favs semua dah tak ada.

Congratulations on the nominations. Hope you get accepted.

Aliyyah remembers you today.

Kak Ana

Mohamad said...

Thank you Kak Ana. Miss U All Already. Send my love and kisses to Aliyyah..

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