Monday, March 3, 2008

A Day @ Amcorp Mall

I was given a choice by my wife between going to PIBG meeting or looking after the children. I opted for the later. The reason being I will fall to sleep by the time the meeting finish unless the meeting being done objectively and within an hour. However, I told my wife, to tell them I offered my service to give career talk to the students on engineering or other sort of motivation if the needs arises.

Having to look after 5 kids can be a task and I salute my wife for doing that all the years without any complaint. It was an outing with the kids and our first destination was my brother's apartment in Mutiara Damansara. I supposed to return him our dad's old album which I scanned recently. I am gathering pictures and artefacts of my late dad for me to do a write up about my life in the blog.

While I was there he played live music and told me that he has saved some in the Youtube which I post on my blog yesterday. It wasn't bad. He is talented and master the art of music when he was in MRSM. I did proposed to my dad when I was at school that I wanted to join the school band but was rejected because I will neglect my studies. I just keep the interest within me and just enjoy listening to music.

I told my brother I wanted to go to Amcorp Mall to buy some bank notes for my collection. That was my second time there and I saw some interesting stuff being sold there. My brother bought speaker and a turntable. I will probably go there again to repair my turntable....

Maybe once it is repaired I could record my old record into a CD. Hmmm Boleh buat bisness kan? It was very tiring but interesting day but for the kids it was something different to them.

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