Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nur Batrishya's Birthday

26 January 1997 was the most memorable date in our life. It was the month of Ramadhan and at the point in time my wife was 9 months pregnant. She on the night before completed cooking her cookies for the yearly business prior to Hari Raya. That Sunday supposed to be the day for us to deliver to our customer.

After Subuh prayer, she just laid down on the bed which I presumed she was so exhausted after a 2 weeks of intensive hard work to prepare the cookies. I was watching Dr Fadilah Kamsan usual morning motivation when I heard my wife called my name from the bathroom. I attended to her and at that very moment her pale face telling me that she was about to deliver. I said " You hold on and I will call the Doctor" and she said "No time, I am delivering now!". She was standing and I hurriedly waiting below in between her legs and at that very moment my our baby was delivered. It was an intense moment. I called the doctor and for help. At that point in time I only remember 911 and my moms' number. I had to calm down and think straight.

That was the longest 1 hours before we got help and my wife face has turned blue. The ambulance came and the midwives attended to my wife and cut the umbilical cord. I was relieved and she her to the hospital for check up.

How could we forget that intense moment and yesterday was the moment that I always remember throughout our life. I remembered earlier in the week, Batrishya asked me if I will be around on the 26 January 2008 and she hinted please don't forget.

She woke up early yesterday but no one actually wish her which it wasn't a norm. The only thing that I said we going for swimming at auntie's place in Jalan Duta. There I gave her the unexpected birthday present i.e. Her own blog. In there we sing her the usual birthday song and later at the pool we had another surprise for her. We have her birthday cakes. She was overwhelmed with the surprises and finally had a big smile. We love you so much Nur are such a nice kid. Hope your wish to become a Doctor will come true.


Anonymous said...

nur-batrishyas birthday to you....
semuga di panjangkan umur dan berjaya menjadi seorang doktor pakar..insyallah.
untung dan bertuah yer kanak-kanak sekarang nie...dapat sambut birthday..tak macam kita dulu...tak tau dan tak pernah sambut pun. Itulah kelebihan ibu dan ayah sekarang nie..w/pun mcm mana sibuk pun ANAK TETAP DI INGATI SELALU.....

Mohamad said...

terima kasih kerana singgah teratak blog hamba ni kaki renang. Just like to share something which wasn't written. Actually, I was made to understand by my eldest daughter that batrishya cried in the bathroom coz no one wishes her happy birtday right from morning. I feel sad to hear that but I wanted to give her a surprise party and finally she was delighted. The lesson I wanted to taught her was... kita tak akan merasa kemanisan sesuatu itu sebelum kita tau rasa pahit dan deritanya sesuatu tu... renungkan la

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