Monday, January 14, 2008

Number of Hits

Eversince I installed the counter hits widget last 2 weeks, I am able to track the number of visitors to my Blog and currently it is recording 500 visitors. I will start monitoring the progress and see what are the features I could add and write to invite more visitors and reader.

Perhaps I would like to share with you why I am initiating this Blog. It is my personal desire to write a book about myslef. Eventhough I am not as great and prominent as some of our leaders and businessman. I would like to share with you the hardship and tribulation that I had gone through over the years to reach where I am right now. Perhaps with this story of mine, someone out there could related my stories to themselves and inspire them to be someone significant of themselves, families, friends and nation. The lesson that I have learnt is invaluable and my sincere desire that some of you do not have to undergo the same things that I have gone through.

I will talk about my childhoods days, what life is all about, education, friendships and relationships, interests and hobbies and my dream for the future. I hope one day this Blog of mine will be the source of information and reference in charting path through our lifes and that is why the title of my Blog ... Facts of Life or in other words Erti sebuah Kehidupan.


akupunyahal said...

nice blog bro.. keep it up... :)

Anonymous said...

heheeheh..mcm tulah....

Mohamad said...

Terima kasih memang azam tahun ni nak meningkatkan mutu prestasi diri agak lebih cemerlang

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