Monday, December 1, 2008

Top 5 GQ

Alhamdulillah we have come to the end of voting for the Best GQ Award. I would to thank all my 14 judges for spending some time to vote and submit their voting ballots. There are 7 males judges and 7 females judges as listed below:

1) Zoco from KL
2) Peza from Kelantan
3) Ara from Singapore
4) Masnoor from Turkmenistan
5) Hafiz from Melboure
6) Deanna from Johor
7) Azam from Penang
8) Aini from KL
9) Hadi from Kajang
10) Naz from KL
11) Nani from KL
12) Liza from Melaka
13) Latif from Bentung
14) Farah from KL

I do not set the criteria and the judges actually set their own criteria. So there are mixed of results received. I have tabulated below the highest/lowest score each of the contestants received by the jury and also the public votes. Highest Score 10 and the Lowest Score 1.

After adding the vote from the juries which constitute 60% and public vote 40% out of total vote respectively, I managed to shortlist 5 top GQ. They are in random order Syam, Afzan, Pol, Lan and Naz as listed below.

I liked to take this opportunity to thank all participants and please fogive me if there are short comings while managing this event/programme. To me what is important is not about winning or losing but to be able to see all my beloved friends in my blog always whenever I open and write in my blog. Eventhough we are far apart, me in Doha and you guys are all over the world but you are so close to my heart.

To all voters, thank you for dropping and submitting your vote. I have learnt something different in organising this. I may start something similar again soon. So stay tune to

As I mentioned the winner of this GQ Award will bring home A "1 million" perfume by Paco Rabanne and other contestants may be getting a consolation price. Please email me your full name and address to claim your consolation prices.

Thank you again...

p/s Try guess who will win by putting in your comments below....


Anonymous said...


Mohamad said...

Terima kasih atas pandangan anda. Apa kata yang lain.. To be honest I refrained myself from voting either be the Jury or or public vote because I know the results and to be fair to all... They are all my good friends and nephews and some of them I just like my sons... If they win, it is of their own effort and credits. I saw there are healthy competition where there are more public vote for GQ 1 and GQ 20. I see they make an effort to promote. Thank you for the effort... And we will see next week if your guess is right.Insyallah

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