Friday, December 5, 2008

IBC- International Bachelor's Club

Lal and Dent are new in our company. Lal originated from Australia while Dent from Malawi but currently a UK PR. Something common both of them are QS background. Lal managed to find himself a decent apartment while Dent is still looking for one. As for me I will take my own sweet time to get either a villa or an apartment.

I just wait till I get the car because I need to find a place where I call home. Right now I am comfortable in Ezdan. It keeps me occupied and at the same time I have housekeeping to keep my room clean and tidy.

I managed to sort our my laundry by sending it to a Laudry shop near my office. It only cost me QR3 for washing an ironing of shirt or pant. It saves me the trouble of washing and ironing.

So last Thursday, Lal was kind enough to chauffer us around with his rented car. Eventhough he came later than me, he seemed to be well organised and sorted out.

As for me and Dent we have a few unsettled business. We need to go to HSBC bank, supposedly one of the best bank in town. My only reason is to have the internet banking facility so that I don't have to go to the bank to do my banking. Unfortunately I have to come again another time since the card and the cheque book is not ready and everybody is busy for the Eid holiday.

We then adjourned to his aprtment, a one bedroom apartment nicely equipped with kitchenette, living and dining room. After the short tour of his apartment, we went to the honda showroom for me to sign the paper for the purchase of my car. I finally ended up getting a Honda Civic...

My rational is, I need a car to move from point A to B... and I am here to save and not to spend.

Lal wife is coming over this Christmas while Dent family are much comfortable in Edingburgh, England. I told Dent, we should form an IBC which is the International Bachelor's Club to ensure we have company to talk and to chat...and he said I should elect you as a President... Hahahahaha!

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