Sunday, September 6, 2009

Top 10 influential Celebrities in Malaysia

Top 10 influential celebrities in Malaysia. They are the following... Read more in NST Online

Datuk Lat, Zan Toi, Datuk Siti, Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Chef Wan, Amy Search, Aznil, Mawi, Datuk Benard Chandran & Datuk Jimmy Choo.

What do they have in common and their X factors? The paper says:-

GOOD looks, an aura, a sense of professionalism, ingenuity and remaining humble in the face of fame.

These are some of the factors that set the 10 most influential celebrities apart from the rest of the pack. That is why they are beloved and sought after by people not just within the country but abroad. That is why they influence, motivate and inspire.

They have a certain something which is not easy to define. In other words, an X-factor. It is not something anyone can hone, take courses in, or fake. You either have it, or you don’t.

Interestingly, industry observers say it is extremely important to be punctual for appointments, photo shoots, interviews and functions.
Celebrities who make others wait will never make it to any popularity lists.

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