Thursday, September 17, 2009

Menghitung Hari Detik demi Detik

I am set to leave my vacation. The last time I was back in Malaysia was 6 months ago. I must say I miss them a lot. Pity them got to go through all this. I bet they can't wait to meet me as well.

As usual I had to finish my duty before the long leave and it was a miracle to get two reports done in 5 hours. I thought I would never made it. But I finally did. Thank god and I leave home at 4 pm.

Rupen came to clean the house. I let Nickie go for a while. I had to check the stuff I want to bring, clean the fridge and plates...

Don't feel like eating. I feel my stomach is full. since it is going to be 7 hours flight and I might not have time for sihri, I might as well cook some rice and eat.

Now, just counting the minutes, updating my blog, chating while watching television.. like this songs Menghitung hari detik demi detik... Hope to have safe journey insyallah... See you in Malaysia insyallah/...

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