Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Nazmie

You were born at my tender age of 22. Eventhough you were brought up in a different background but Allah with his mercy has blessed you with his hidayat and show you the light of islam. I know it is difficult to be a muslim without the right guidance but I will try to do my best as a father to guide you in the right path.

I know it will not be an easy ride ahead of you. You will face different kinds of tribulation . But you have to remember that is part and parcel of life that everyone have to go through. What you have to do is to plan your future, steadfast in your amal and profusely make doa to Allah, to make your life easier and may all your wishes fullfilled.

Happy Birthday Son, may Allah bless you will good health, fullfill all your needs, be an obedient son and an obedient slave of Allah, fill your heart with iman and amal.

Insyallah I will standby you till you bear the fruits of success. Amin.

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N A Z M I E S K I said...


Thank You For the Birthday Wish Daddy.

Nazmie bersyukur dapat seorang Ayah seperti Daddy yang sentiasa mencurahkan kasih sayang walaupun nazmie hanya anak angkat daddy. Tanpa jemu Daddy sentiasa menasihati dan memberi bimbingan agama pada nazmie demi menjadikan nazmie seorang Muslim yang berjaya dunia dan akhirat.

Kebaikan dan Ketulusan hati Daddy tak pernah memilih bulu untuk sentiasa memberikan nasihat pada semua orang. Hanya Allah swt yang dapat membalas segala kebaikan Daddy.

You're a good role model to me daddy. Thank you for being my Father. May Allah swt always bless you Daddy.

Your Son,
Mohd. Nazmie.

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