Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nursery in Qatar

Day by day I began to discover new things and began to like this place. My fond of plants and nature makes me feels like I am lack of oxygen if I don't have plants around me. I have accumulated a few recently. Eventhough it was a bit costly to buy plant here..

With the help of my friend here, I was informed that there are a few nurseries here in Doha. With the aid of the map I finally found the place. It is not as big as Sungai Buloh but it is OK for Doha standard.

Mabuk mabuk bila tengok pokok-pokok. Serai, aleo vera pun ada. Poko petunia hanya QAR 1.25 je. Murah ka kira.. nanti penuh la kat apartment baru I tu...

Nanti dah siap I hantar gambar eh..

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