Friday, February 20, 2009

Camel Racing

Nilay called asking if I am interested in watching Camel Racing and living in Qatar I would love to know about it. We met at Khalifa Street where I left my car and take a ride on Ed' car. We drop by for a quick lunch at Burger King. There I met Paul and Gianni. On the way we drop by at a petrol station where we tried some local fruits. It looked like small apple to me and tasted like apple and peach.

When we arrived there were camel everywhere parading and taking turns to participate in the race. It was interesting to watch the whole epsiode especially at the begining. The race was about 8 km. Nilay and Ed managed to hop on and took a ride on one of the 4WD with the video man was capturing the race events.

In the end it was an interesting experience for the A-Team Paul, Ed, Me, Gianni and Nilay.

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