Thursday, May 8, 2008

I bought a New Phone Nokiat 6120 Classic

The day I lost my phone I emailed Secret Recipe a note informing them about the incident and enquired should they have any CCTV that could trace the culprit. A Manager from Secret Recipe responded ... " We do have CCTV but all those are dummies!" Oh dear! I could not believe it. Well that is the reality. I guess the chance of me getting back the phone is slim and that very day I went to TESCO and bought a new phone of the same model that I lost at almost half the cost I paid before.

My other trouble is to transfer my 1700+ contacts I accumulated over the years to the new phone. Luckily I still store some contacts on my previous PDA Dopod 900. But the problem is I have to sync it to a computer. I downloaded the Microsoft Active Sync software from the internet transfer the contacts, install the new software for my Nokia 6120 classic phone and transfer the contacts and alhamdulillah it was successful. What a relieve. I feel that I am getting my life back.


Anonymous said...
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Mohamad said...

Thank you Kak Ana

Mohamad said...

I have taken the particulars you gave me...on your tel number and website. Thank you again.

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