Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day at School for My Children

Today is the first day at school for all my children. Three to them is in the same secondary school and the other two still in the primary school. It is a full-time job for for my wife to send them and pick them up after school. Most of her time is on the road. They have to wake up as early as 5 am in the morning, get ready, have breakfast and by 6.30 am off they go.

The traffic is sometimes very challenging and one should not miss the timings. Once you leave home there is no turning back. In the car, attire for the religious school are also ready.

Once completing the morning cycle, my wife will return and get ready for lunch all packed in the tupperware and once it is time to pick them up.. Off she goes. Fetch my two younger daugthers and sent them to the religious school near my in laws place. In the car will be their changing rooms and dining table for their packed lunch. After sending both of them, she has to go back to fetch our three elder daughters. They also have lunch in the car either going back to Majidee awaiting for the two little sister to be back or back home while getting assistance from my father in law to fetch them after school.

I guess this the process of growing up. I too gone through those tiring days. Sometimes I also give up and said to my self, why I had to go through all these things. Wouldn't it be easier for me to work and earn a living...

Looking back the past, those are the days and I enjoyed, eventhough with all the hardship...

My children.. I may not have all the wealth in this world, but I am committed to educated you to be what you want to be to reach you dream and goal even though I had to make scarifies of living distant apart. But my love and prayers are always there for you.

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