Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Mixed Feelings Through Songs ..Miss You All Like Crazy...

I sent my family off to Malaysia via Dubai yesterday. We left for Dubai on Friday and had a quick tour of Dubai. I met my cousin who is residing in Dubai and he brought us all to have a quick pit stop just to experience Dubai. At least we had a glimpse of Dubai. It is a metropolitan city and don't know how they would survive the financial crisis.

It was just like yesterday when they came and celebrate Eidul Adha here in Doha. Managed to celebrate my daughter's birthday and brought them around in Doha eventhough there was nothing much to see. They enjoyed staying at home cooking for me. They are so adorable especially my little Wawa.

Well 30 days is over and they going to start schooling in a weeks' time. It reminds me of our life how short and how quick it is. It just passed by and won't wait for us. So we need to do and maximize our time every single seconds of it... and do the best for both worlds. Honestly speaking I am really down thinking back the time we were together. I remembered when they proposed to me saying " Daddy we don't want to go home and we want stay here with you Daddy....". I was speechless don't know how to answer them. Because they know that is what I always wanted - To be together. But.... circumstances doesn't permit us and we had to start apart for a meantime. Especially with the current financial crisis, it is hard to predict what will happen next. Every Day will be another hope and pray......

To My Wife, Along, Angah, Kak Uda, A'an, Wawa and Nazmie... Thank you for your patience, supportive and thank you for what we have done for me. .... I love you all so very much.

To express my current mix feelings, this is a collection of songs which reminds me of the past and console me when I down....

To my dearest family..

I wish you were here

Miss You Like Crazy

A Whole New World

Beauty and the Beast

All By Myself

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