Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jeehan Fashion

My daughter Jeehan is different from the rest. She got her own taste in fashion. She likes to watch Fashion TV and she knows what how to match her clothes with her accessories. I have no problem when I go out shooting her pictures. Her pose was natural. 2 weeks ago,we went shopping near Jarir, she told me that she liked to have a dress like a princess. When she showed me the dress she wanted, it really put me off because of the colour too goldie. So I said NO.

Yesterday, we went shopping again but this time at Lulu Hypermarket . Again she told me she like to have a dress. I don't know when she going to wear it but I told her, why don't you try and wear it. At least you will have the feel of having it one day. I just don't want to spoil her giving her what she wanted. I want her to earn it. I once used to tell my kids, there were times when I was a student, hardly had money to spend on new clothes... But what I used to do was, to wear and try the clothes I wish to have and return it back telling the salegirl, it didn't fit me or I don't like the colour etc. But deep inside me I was satisfied having tried those clothes.

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