Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Flipped Jump

Trying to teach my children my signature Flipped Jump. It wasn't an easy task to synchronize the jump all at once. hopefully by the end of the trip they should have perfected the skills

OK Girls let me show you how. Follow me on count from 1 to 3... and Jump. Make sure you lift your two legs as high as possible. OK Angah let's try.

OK Angah good try... I like the flip and the smile.... Perfect..

Along you supposed to flip and not fly... Try again...

OK now let's try everyone... Ready 1...., 2..... and 3 Jump!

Actually this is not a Flipped Jump, I called it Jack Lalane Jump.... as it looks like Jack Lalane show back in the 60s.

OK we try again...1..., 2.... and 3 Jump!

Great Job... Well Done!


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