Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ada kah ini satu kenyataan???

I received a call from an old friend whom I used to know before I got married. One thing interesting, I got to know him at the pet shop years back when I was buying food for my cat , Kiara. We shared our expereinces in raising our cats. Maklum la masa tu dua-dua bujang tak de tempat lain nak curah kasih sayang melainkan dengan Kuching.... We have been in touch every now and then. The last time I saw him was when he had a show at Panggung DBKL featuring him on a Play.

Surprising he called me today asking my whereabout. I told him I am still in Doha and he told me of his new development wanting to rare exotic chickens. Having the same interest I guided him on what he needs to do as he was thinking of quiting his current job and do full-time with the farm. I told him if he has ample money than that will be OK because money is a necessity nowadays especially in running a business.

Towards the end of our conversation, he asked me what has happened to me?? He told me when I browsed my blog, he was asking himself if it was really me. He said I put on weight..... OH NO! Is this a reality? Do I have to accept the fact? Perhaps I have to rigorously going to the gym to maintain my old weight. It is just 5 kg to burn. If I am successful I will share the receipe....

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Abu Ikhlas said...


aku terpesona dengan skill hg amik gambar. kena ajar aku lah nanti.... nak baca manual malas sangat. hehehe

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