Monday, September 3, 2007

A Weekend Break in Bangkok

Well Everyone is waiting for the opportunity to have a good weekend. We have ours last weekend and this time around is the trip to Bangkok. I managed to redeem my enrich points and we got it free for me and my wife. Unfortunately the airport tax alone is RM370 each. We stayed at a decent hotel which cost us RM100 per nite and the hotel's location is right in the middle of Middle eastern people i.e. arab. Cam kat Timur tengah lak. So we have no problem with the food and the mosque is right opposite of our hotel.

The first day, we went around KL riding on Tuk Tuk. Tergoda sampai tempah 3 suits and increase my ring collections. It is a lovely blue topaz. We also went to a night market. Hai going shopping u really have to decide what to buy. The next day we went to chak chu chak market, it was so huge and lost of varieties. Mabuk tengok pokok bunga, bought some heliconia, water lilies and artifical orchid for office decoration.

Well sediakan duit aje la bila nak ke sini... All in all it was an interesting trip. Met a few celbrities, Eric Leong of Casa Impian and Suhaimi Baba, film director.

So this week my destination will be to Tioman. Hope fully lepas raya nak gi Negeri Di Bawah Bayu... Teringin sangat ke sana... Ingin ke dasar laut nya dan ke puncak gunungnya.. Ingat lepas ni buat satu lagi persatuan la... Persatuan Melancong.. Ade sape nak join... Oklah ini la sedikit coretan dari saya... Nantikan saya di episod akan datang...

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