Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interview By Discovery Channel

At last we local had the chance to tell our part of story on our involvement in the construction of PETRONAS Twin Towers. They inverviewed my boss my staff who were very much involvement in making the Towers to what it is right now. It was a pain staking work to ensure everything was made right. I am glad to be part of it as part of my contribution in putting Malaysia into the world's map.

I remember when I did my degree in UK, those British don't even know where Malaysia is and surprisingly they know where Singapore is. At least now when I travel all round the world and told them that I am from Kuala Lumpur, they straight away relate to the Twin Towers. Thanks to the vision of our leaders in making us a pride citizen and nation.

This interview was held mid of last year... while my boss and my staff were still around since they get a better opportunity recently. Maybe my turn will be next.

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Unknown said...

pRouD tO be a MaLAysiAN..
WorLd knOw whEre is MaLaYsiA now...
tHis iS MaLaysiA afTer 'MERDEKA'...

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