Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peperiksaan Percubaan UPSR

My wife told me yesterday that for the next three days my daughter NurBatrishya will begin her UPSR trial. I know she has been trying her very best to score with flying colours but I always told her that it is just like another exam and the purpose of the exam is just to gauge our understanding in the subjects. Learn will sincerity and insyallah the rest will follow through.

I called her yesterday and her tips on what she should do i.e. sat the papers and once done move on to the next paper and the next.... Do not try to discuss papers which have past as it will disturb our focus and concentration on the following papers if there are one or two mistakes.

I also told my wife through sms to "Tiupkan ubun2 dia dan sapu daddy dia.. agar kuat semangat dia" Any my wife asked me "Sapu dengan apa?" I said "Dengan Tanganla... tak kan dengn pipi...." And I was wondering how she could not know to "sapu dgn apa?...." Then I realized there was a typo error it was supposed to be "Dada" ended up "Daddy"..

This is one classic example when the kids sitting for exam the parents get nervous more than the children....

Anyway Batrisyha, I know you can do it. Try you very best. This is just a trial and not the real exam but it gives you the feeling of the actual exam so that you are mentally prepared for the final. All the best to you.

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