Saturday, December 29, 2007

Digital Photgraphy 101 @ FRIM

I received a call last Monday from Abdul Rahman inviting me to join him for photoshoot @ FRIM on Saturday. Since I do not have a formal training on photography, I thought this will be a good opportunity for me to learn something from Sifu on the techniques of photography. Today's lesson is to learn how to use the aperture and the shutter. The results is incredible. Thanks you very much Sifu Abdul Rahman... Here are some of the results. How you enjoy the pictures...

Daun-daun berguguran

Cendawan di sebatang kayu

Pokok Meranti Kepong

Meranti Sarang Punai

Meranti Sarang Punai

Meranti Sarang Punai

Balau Bukit

Ini tak tau apa nama pokoknya

Ni pokok yang sama tapi aperture dan shutter nye bebeza.. Ade perbezaannya?

Another technique with aperture and shutter with a glimpse of sunlight.

Pokok renek hutan


Ape macam ade tokoh jadi photographer professional ke?
OK Comment jangan tak comment.


N A Z M I E S K I said...

WOW... what a beautiful natures pictures you take.....Keep up the good work. :)

sAIDAH nAFISAH said...

gorgeous captures..creadit to u..

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