Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Jeddah...

It has been 3 weeks now since I arrived Jeddah for a new job. There are lots of things need to be done and I literally have to start all over again and it seemed it might takes longer than I anticipated.

Initially I had different impression of Jeddah. During one of my Umrah visit to Jeddah, I was brought to a different part of Jeddah and I wasn't that excited to be here at first except the fact that I will be nearer to the two holy mosques.

But eversince I am here I have a different impression of Jeddah, totally modern just like any other morden city and I began to like this place. It is not as expensive as Doha. The house/apartment is almost half the price of Doha.

The only thing initially one will find a bit odd when you shopping, and suddenly the cashier close the counter for prayers and one really have to time oneself to shop etc. Ladies are not allowed to drive here and they have to wear black abaya whenever they go out even non muslim.

But for muslim I guess that is something easily to adapt.

I know some of my fellow visitors has been wanting to know my new development here..Alhamdulillah I am fine and if you are able to read in article in Bahasa Malaysia please use the google translator to help you out with the translation. So stay tune.. I will start writing my new life here in Jeddah....

1 comment:

SyuQ said...

perjalanan baru bermula...

semoga lebih sukses disana

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