Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hai tak de sesiapa nak wish ke? Hanya dapat wish dari Ramlan begini bunyinya:

Malay-Ayah / Abah
Tamil- Appa
Mandarin - FU qing
Afrikaans - Vader
Bangla - Abba
Croatian - Otac
Dutch - Vader
French - Pappie
Hindi - Pita Ji
Irish - Athair
Nepali - Buwa
Pliosh - Tata
Romanian - Tata
Russian - Papa
Tagalog - Tatay
Arab- Abi
Thai - Phor
English - Daddy

Whatever you call it Happy Father's Day


~~SyuQ Always Smile~~ said...

Happy Father's Day En.Mohamad


Are'Zie'maa said...

Happy Father's Day A.Mat...:-)
Semoga menjadi daddy yang sempurna kpd anak2.

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