Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moving Apartment and Moving Office

Last Thursday 26 February 2009, I finally moved to my new apartment. I had to make 3 trips to carry all my belongings from Ezdan to Musherif Residence. I have accumulated quiet a stuff. From cooking appliances to plants.

This new apartment suits me and it is the collections of all the criteria that I want; spacious living, dining and bedroom with kitchen and balcony. The internet and electricity is exclusive. All in all it is about QR 9000 which is the average rental price here. One could not image how expensive the apartment/house here. A friend of mine living a shabby area costs him QR1000+. I told them if we were in Malaysia, with that kind of price, we could be staying in Kenny Hills.

I had to go to Kahrama the water and electricity for the connection and Qtel for telephone and internet. I took the package of free local land line calls. But just have to wait till I get connected. So if someone wander why I am not online and did not update the blog it is because of that.

We are also shifting office at the sametime and should be anytime now. So internet will also be off soon. So I will probably out of internet for the next one week but I can be connected through my mobile both local and Malaysia.

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