Monday, March 9, 2009


Last weekend I did the household chores of cleaning the apartment. I started off with the garden in my balcony. I have three roses, Gardenia, Aloe Vera and Petunia. I will add Plumerias in my collections soon.

I then move to cleaning the furniture, vaccum the floor, mop the floor and clean the toilet. The dust can get accumulated easily here. It took me about 4 hours to get it done. So I decided to hire a maid to do all the household chores.

I browse Qatar Living and saw one guy wanting a part time job. I called him and asked him to come for an interview. He finally came yesterday eventhough it was very late about 11:00 pm. He could find the place he said. I guess he had been walking all the way. When he arrived I asked him to sit but he refused and I interviewed him while he kept standing. I guess it must be their culture or out of respect to his future Sir, Master or Boss whatever you want to call it.

He said he is working as a office boy and needed extra income to support his family. I did not ask more about his family. So I asked him on what he can do. He said he can do cleaning and ironing etc. I agreed and asked him to come starting from next month. Well I will have to gauge his performance if I wish to continue further.

As for the car, I have hired someone to wash and clean the car twice a week. So for so good.

Hmm kadang rasa macam Tuan Besar lak dok sini. But anyway rezeki kita ni ada hak untuk orang lain and kita ni just a means for others’ rezeki. Moga Allah tambah lagi rezeki-rezeki kita. Amin insyallah.

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