Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lanjutan Dari Hobi dan Peristiwa semalam

I had a pack event yesterday. Right from going to the gym in the morning, swimming, attending society meeting, visit niece and watching fireworks show. Pergi meeting di suruh pula jadi President society. Terima Kasih la atas support kamu semua melantik saya President. The meeting ended two hours. I guess the next meeting has to be in the secured place as we are dealing with priceless currency and notes where Sherena has her Straits Settlement collection which she got it from her grand parents. Sarah has hers from her father. According to Hatta there will be article coming out soon on the local paper. So sama2 la kita tunggu ye.

Lepas meeting pergi ke Putrajaya kononya nak belajar photography with a friend have hobby in photography. Terima Kasih la kerana mengajar teknik2 Photography. Cite2 tinggi to shoot the fireworks as Lesson One. But we really had a lesson ONE as the location we choose was not suitable. Bunga Api tak naik tinggi. rendah aje so taknampak ape sangat. Frust sangat and terus balik tapi bak lebai malang.. Jalan pula Jam. so ape lagi Karaoke la sendiri dalam kereta...

Itu la sekilas kisah semalam...

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