Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anything about Burj Dubai or recently known as Burj Khalifa

It is a dream of every engineers to have the opportunity to be involved in the construction of the tallest building in the world. I remembered when we were building Petronas Twin Tower back in 1993. I had a dream and my dream came true. I was involved in the construction of Petronas Tower 2 together with the contractor, Samsung Kuk Dong and Jasatera. It was invaluable experience to be involved in such prestigious project.

When I heard that our company back then have been invited to participate in the project management of the Burj Dubai. I was excited, unfortunately I was not selected due to current project commitment in completing the University Technology Petronas. A few of my colleague went to Dubai and work with Emmar. As time goes by only, Shahrom who used to be my subordinate in KLCC managed to see the completion of the project to the end.

I managed to set an appointment with him on the New Year, eventhough he has tight schedule in preparing the big day i.e. the opening of Burj Dubai on 4th January 2010. I met him and had tea at the promenade talking about the past and his achievements. Looking at Burj Dubai now and the concept of the development; it is just a replica of KLCC development but on a bigger scale.

I told him, you made us proud of having Malaysian involved in the prestigious project like Burj Dubai. I wish you all the best Shahrom in your future undertakings and I am sure all of us has been destined to make a significant into our life and the mankind in our own ways.

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Anonymous said...

Send my regards to shahrom...Is he still with KLCC or Emmar?

fauzi pittsburgh

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